🤔 If you are thinking about a building project, you probably have lots of questions. Click on some of the most common questions we get asked. Hopefully we can help!

What experience do you have?

REQA has been in business for over thirty years now. In that time we have had the pleasure of working in a variety of project types and sectors. We ave worked in retail, residential, leisure, church, industrial and more recently we have completed numerous community based projects.

How much does does your service cost?

Each job is different, so each fee proposal will be different too. Before suggesting a figure, we like to find out as much about the potential project as possible, then work out a few pricing options for the client to consider. We will endeavour to be flexible and work with potential clients on fee proposals.

What services do REQA offer?

We like to be flexible and work alongside our clients in all aspects of the process. From the outset we can tailor our service to suit budgets, timescales etc.

Can you recommend other consultants?

A building project has many facets and may require the services of other specialists (e.g. a structural engineer for a beam size). We can recommend people we work regularly with but are happy to work with anyone you may know!

How far do you travel for projects?

We are more than happy to travel where jobs may be! We have always been happy to travel around Ireland to complete jobs.

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